Student Visa

With 28 years of experience of enrolling thousands of students in various institutions & universities overseas, our company has the expertise to assist the aspiring students. Our staff is well trained to assist students and advise them on every step from admission to student visa and making travel arrangements a hassle free task.

At CONNECT OVERSEAS, the emphasis is on flexibility and personalization on services to be given to you as our client.

Course Selection

Our dedicated team and qualified team assists students at every stage to enroll for a course of their choice as per their career aspirations and their academic and financial background.

We suggest students’ different destinations for better career outcomes.


Choosing a correct course of your choice and perfect destination is one of the most difficult task . At Connect Overseas our expert team helps the students as per their aspirations.  We apply and co-ordinate with the relevant international team at the Institution to ensure the outcome of your application.

Student Visa

We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. Our team is well versed with the visa documentation and the student visa is lodged as per norms of the required visa office. On behalf of the student we co-ordinate with the relevant visa office for a positive outcome.

Travel Arrangements

We assist the students for their travels arrangement as well  including foreign exchange from the licensed companies.

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